Chasing Humanity

For my graduation project at the University of the Arts Utrecht, I wanted to show my skills as a Game Designer and a Interactive Narrative Designer. This resulted in a concept for the game Chasing Humanity and a playable demo of the game.

In this project I tell the story of the American serial killer Richard Chase who suffered from schizophrenia, which caused him to hear voices in his head that convinced him he was ill. I translated this story into a fictional one, following the events and themes of the true story. I did this because I want to confront the player with the difficult questions and unpleasant events from the true story. By making it fictional, it’s easier to engage the player in those questions and keep their attention. If you’d like to hear about my process and project more, you can watch this video, which is in Dutch.

Besides this, I made a playable demo in Unity, that captures the essence and theme of the full game in a playthrough of around 20 minutes. You can watch a recording of the full playthrough below.

For this project I collaborated with Randy Paulus, who made most of the 3D models and the textures. All the other work necessary for the project (like research, concept, story, script writing and building the demo in Unity 3D) I did myself.