Since 2016 I’ve been making video’s for dance studio Just Dance in Uitgeest. I’ve been dancing at this studio since I was a kid of 11 and gave dancingclasses to other kids when I became better and older. Nowadays I make videos for their Youtube channel, edit music and made their logo. Also, at the end of every season there is a big show. Around 200 children preform the dances and I help with the preperation and managing on the big day itself. During the show I film it with two different cameras and afterwards I edit and montage the footage to create a DVD that almost every child has now so that they can see themselves on the stage and can remember it. 

Curious how well I do it all? Below here is a trailer of the DVD from 2019.

If you’re curious to the whole DVD, you can send me an email!

Other videos I made you can find on their Youtube channel.

Do you have an event in the Netherlands and would you also like to have it captured like this? Send me an email at and I’ll inform you about the possibilities.