JUNK is an interactive Mixed Reality performance, where we brought audience layers on different realities together to experience the same performance from 4 unique perspectives.

We had 3 perspectives in the studio and 1 you could experience with your own VR set worldwide. All together you go through the performance in which 2 audience members are the performers and everyone at home can take an active role as extra. Depending on your position in this performance, your experience can be completely unique in 4 ways. In this project (with the use of multiple technologies as Leap Motion, VR and tracking) we brought the realities closer together by creating a connection between the audience members in a story about memories and the emotional value of objects.

To see the full performance from 2 perspectives side by side, click here.

Besides the performance, this project included also a series of experiments on Mixed Reality, which we made and executed in the platform Neos VR. We showcased all out research in an exhibition that was open to visit in Neos VR. 

Control-Online reached out to us to write an article about this project, to advertise the showcase of the University of the Arts Utrecht, which you can read here.

My main roles in this project were team leader and designer. This made me responsible for tasks like planning, communication inside and outside the team and keeping all the team members in check. As designer I iterated, designed the 4 unique perspectives and the interactions between them. I shaped ideas into fully fleshed out concepts and tested the performance. Lastly I helped a story bring it all together.