Let Me Help

In this project, that lasted for 11 weeks, we had to bring the virtual world and reality together.

We did this in a co-op VR game with two controllers we designed and built ourselves.

One player would have a VR headset on and finds themselves in a maze. They sit in a wheelchair, that they can use as a controller to move around the maze. The other player would have the same maze in front of them, but then in real. In that version the player can see the monsters move around the maze, with lights indicating where they are. This player also has three blocks, that they can place inside the maze on multiple spots. By doing this, doors will close in the virtual maze at the same places. Both players have to work together to get to the finish without being caught. One player has to protect the other by barricading the paths for the monsters and give directions, the other player has to follow the directions and use the wheelchair to get to the end. Communication is essential.

If you’d like to read about the process, click here.

In this project I had the role of team leader and (level)designer, which made me responsible for tasks like leading the brainstorm sessions, designing the map and the enemy AI (pathing), playtesting and iterating.