Product of Society

Product of Society is a VR experience with a focus on narrative. You will be greeted upon entering by the assistent, who works for the company Elifect. She’ll guide you towards a treadmill and helps you put on the VR headset. That’s when you enter Elifect’s vacation resort.

Throughout the experience, you’ll interact both inside and outside of VR with your surroundings. Being poked with a pen when you receive a injection inside VR, or walking on the treadmill while walking around inside VR, or actually seeing your own face being scanned inside VR. This experience will enhance your immersion by narrowing the gap between what is real and what isn’t.

Besides that, there is an underlying story throughout the experience about perfectionism with an unexpected turn inside the resort.

I made this experience from idea to reality with 4 other girls in a little less than 3 months. None of the others had a lot of experience in games, so I did, besides contributing to the concept and story, all of the programming and building the full experience in Unity 3D.