The assignment was to create a concept for a futuristic device with both good and dark sides in two weeks. We got inspired by upcoming virtual reality and the possibilities of taking that further. We came up with a device that interrupts your nerve system and puts new pulses in it to let you experience things you can’t or didn’t do yourself. 

My role in this project was team leader, researcher, I came up with the storyboard for the trailer and helped with the montage of the video and also contributed to the concept. In this project I learned a lot about how to develop a concept and get that across.

Below here you can watch a trailer of Synapse.


If you put the connector on the dock station and you attach the sensors to your nerve system, the magnets in the sensors will record the impulses going through your nerve system and with that record the senses that you’re experiencing. Then you can put you’re experience online.

Art by Christian Jähndel


Others all around the world can then dive into Synapse. The sensor at the back of your head will influence the impulses in your occipital lobe and show the user Synapse over their normal sight. The user can then browse through the experiences and choose one. The sensors will neutralise all the incoming impulses in your nerve system before they reach your brain and bring you in a trance where you experience nothing. Then they will send the recorded impulses into your nerve system to get processed by your brain. Then the user will experience the recorded senses and go through the experience in the purest form, although he’s just laying on his couch doing nothing.


The good sides of it are for example that people with physical limitations will be able to experience things they couldn’t (as long as the cause is not in the brain). Blind people will see, paralized people will move and deaf people will hear once again. Also people who can’t afford some experiences (travelling for example) will be able to do everything they ever dreamed of and see the world through the eyes of others. The dark side of it though is that people could get very depressed because the life in Synapse is way more exiting then their real life and they might choose to never leave Synapse again.